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The Platinum Rule – Why Leaders Need to Know It.

The Platinum Rule says: treat others as they would like to be treated. It makes sense to treat others according to what they value and find meaningful, doesn’t it? Yet, the Platinum Rule is not as widely known as the Golden Rule and it is harder to practice.

Introversion and Successful Leadership: A Paradox?

Do we instinctively still believe that the loudest person is the rightest and that an introverted person cannot effectively lead others? When we think about successful leaders, many of us may have a picture in our mind of the charismatic, assertive person—the one who is outgoing, has a plan, always has a story to tell, and who speaks up in every meeting (often to the point of not leaving much room for others to contribute). Interestingly, research shows that one-third to half of the US population is made up of introverts and numbers in Canada are probably similar.

How To Keep People First

Jim Lightbody, president and CEO of BCLC, was the recipient of the 2017 CPHR BC & Yukon Keeping People First: CEO Award. Here, he shares his people first philosophy and more.

Josh Bersin Brings The Future of Work to “Level Up” HR Conference + Tradeshow

Keynote speaker Josh Bersin of Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP, shares research explaining the mandates for HR in the coming year.

Five Criteria for Cross-Cultural Leadership

Why is diversity in the workplace important and what do business leaders need to prepare?

Leading Learning and Development: Challenging and Championing Change

As any HR professional can attest, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. From the L&D they require for success themselves to development at the highest levels of leadership, it falls to HR practitioners to identify the needs, justify the investment, then provide or source the solutions their organizations need.

Are Millennials Ready For The Corner Office?

Survey: most CFOs confident millennial employees prepared for leadership positions.

Succession Transitions: The Politics of Letting Go

During a succession transition the departing executive needs to let go of control and set their successor up for success. Sometimes this goes well and sometimes it does not.