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  • How to Be Happy at Work

    How to Be Happy at Work by author Annie McKee serves up great ‘how-to’ recipe for anyone determined to spend the majority of their working hours without being consumed by stress, drudgery, frustration or by working in a no-end job.

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  • Guiding Change – Does HR Add Value?

    What Human Resources professional isn’t involved with change? HR work lies at the critical intersection of business and people - and that intersection is a very turbulent place these days. Building competency with guiding change is crucial for HR

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  • The Global Generation Are Here

    The iGen, Generation Z, Globals; this generation ranges in age from 7-21 years of age. And they are massive in numbers at around 84 million in the US. Their productivity and work ethic is great, once you get to know

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  • Hire with Emotional Intelligence

    Often times hiring managers try to figure out an ultimate formula for an ideal candidate's personality traits. It is a particularly tricky task considering that each position puts an employee through very unique experiences and, as a result, requires a

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  • E-learning: The Best Option for 2018?

    Here’s the truth: your employees want training. One of the biggest reasons for turnover in the workplace is a lack of training and development. Employees are 42 per cent more likely to stay at a job when they’ve received the

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  • Contributors to Workplace Conflict: Part Two

    This is the second article of a two part series exploring factors that create or contribute to workplace conflict. The first step in managing and dealing effectively with conflict in the workplace is to understand what is creating or contributing

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  • Infographic: Time is Money

    This infographic, featuring stats from the UK, examines the cost of wasted time. Is it the same in your Canadian office?

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  • The Future of HR Looks Bright: HRC West 2018 a Major Success

    On March 2 and 3, CPHR Alberta held the fifth annual HRC West Case Competition, hosted by SAIT in Calgary. To say the event was a success would be an understatement – 16 teams, 22 coaches, and 15 judges dedicated their weekend and so much time leading up to the event preparing for this pinnacle HR event.

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  • ‘SUBLIME’ Approach to Organizational Transformation in the Digital World

    When viewed through the digital lens by an emboldened customer willing to switch brand loyalties for ‘peace of mind’ via the positive benefits of technological innovation, the business world can seem woefully small—and vulnerable. This perception is both accurate and driven by a a steady shift towards extremities in terms of reacting to the presence or absence of ‘delight’ factors in products and services. This, in turn, fuels the need for previously secure and reputed companies to rethink their previously competitive strategies. The following ‘SUBLIME’ approach is presented as a guide for leading such a transformation.

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