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  • The Global Generation Are Here

    The iGen, Generation Z, Globals; this generation ranges in age from 7-21 years of age. And they are massive in numbers at around 84 million in the US. Their productivity and work ethic is great, once you get to know

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  • Hire with Emotional Intelligence

    Often times hiring managers try to figure out an ultimate formula for an ideal candidate's personality traits. It is a particularly tricky task considering that each position puts an employee through very unique experiences and, as a result, requires a

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  • Scaling Up Aboriginal Talent in the Workforce

    The 2016 Canadian Census revealed three major population trends in Canada: we are having fewer babies, progressively more boomers are transitioning into retirement, and most people are living longer. Taken together, these trends point towards a population that is

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  • A Good Read on Culture

    What does it take to turn the page on corporate culture and drive forward a new chapter of engagement and productivity in the workplace? A good read is great place to start.

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  • Start Liking the Job You Hate

    5:30 am. Your alarm goes off. Snooze. 5:40 am. Snooze. 5:50 am. Snooze… Is it winter that makes it so difficult to wake up in the morning? Or is it the lack of motivation for the job that you have to get up for?

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  • Recognizing Employee Burnout

    Do you know the signs of burnout for your employees?

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  • Case Study: Supporting Employees with Addiction

    This case study examines how BC Hydro revamped their Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Program which includes supporting employees through cost-sharing of the program, and implementing back-to-work supports to ensure a successful transition back into the workforce upon return from the program.

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