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Do You Need to Close Your Eyes During Meditation?

Meditation is a wonderful practice to have in your life, and many HR professionals and workplaces are discovering its wonderful benefits. But have you ever wondered if you must close your eyes to meditate?

5 Ways to Create a Workplace your Employees will Love

Every workplace strives to create a great work culture: one where all employees are happy, involved and eager to perform. Deadlines are met, productivity is on the rise, and employees are satisfied and excited about their daily work tasks. Sounds too good to be true?

Infographic: Staying Happy and Healthy at Work

This infographic provides tips on staying healthy, comfortable and pain-free at work. Whether you have a traditional or standing desk, you can optimize your positions for good posture and wrist placement.

Infographic: Wellness in the Workplace

This infographic provides tips for a healthy, active workplace and features information on hydration and nutrition.

Infographic: 6 Simple Ways to Avoid Burnout

Have you ever felt burnt out at a job? If so, you’re not alone. This infographic explores how to identify burnout and keep it from happening to you.

Feeling Sick This Cold And Flu Season? Stay Home, Say Coworkers

Survey: More Than Eight in 10 Employees Have Gone to the Office When Ill

10 Bad Habits That Should Be Banned from the Workplace Forever

Over the years, we have developed work styles that are not good for our physical, mental or emotional health. Here are 10 bad habits to break.

5 Key Reasons Companies Should Promote Mental Health at Work

One in five people in Canada experience mental health problems, and this number is on the rise. It makes an ideal time for business organizations to take stock in how well they are supporting mental health initiatives in their workplace – and why they should do it better.