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Tools for Business Leaders Looking to Create Accessible, Inclusive Workplaces

If you are an employer who wants to champion a more accessible, inclusive workplace, the Presidents Group — and accessibleemployers.ca — is here to help with next steps.

Flexible Thinking Drives Workplace Futures

Flexibility in the face of the perfect storm is becoming the workplace norm. Interestingly, as businesses globally continue to adjust to the ongoing economic and demographic changes, the word flexibility itself has become more directly associated with the workplace. Case in point, the first usage of the word as defined in The Meriam Webster dictionary: ‘fortunately, that working mother has a very flexible schedule for her office job.’

The Innovative Workplace: Does HR Hold the Key?

How many times have you heard,“If you don’t innovate, you die” from sages, seers and CEOs at conferences, seminars and book readings? More often than necessary, most likely. However, as HR continues its metriculation in the language of business, it is also being called upon to unlock the innovative potential of organizations’ intellectual capital.

Vancity Champions Living Wage

Vancity sets a precedent as the largest organization in Canada to become a Living Wage Employer. A living wage reflects an income a family provider must bring home in order to meet their basic living needs.

Rethinking Leadership

Rethinking Leadership

Scan the management literature and you’ll find that creativity and innovation, both byproducts of fully engaged employees, are accepted as sources of business value. Buy a few more books and you’ll see that leadership itself has been redefined as: emotional intelligence, presence, authentic, fierce, from the inside out, strength-based and primal.

Putting Diversity to Work

Putting Diversity to Work

Successful organizations harness the strengths of a diverse workforce. When you’re in the matchmaking business, having the right candidates on your books can make or break you. That’s why Nurse Next Door Home Healthcare Services puts a lot of emphasis on hiring a diverse workforce. “It makes good business sense,” says co-founder John DeHart. “In […]

Confronting VIolence in the Workplace: Bullies and the Bottom Line

Confronting VIolence in the Workplace: Bullies and the Bottom Line

We’ve all shaken our heads in horror at news stories about brutal workplace attacks, disgruntled, fired workers shooting down colleagues, taking hostages or attacking co-workers or managers. In fact, Statistics Canada reported 356 thousand criminal-level attacks in the workplace in 2004 or about 1,000 each day. The Geneva-based International Labour Organization (ILO) survey of 32 industrialized countries found workplace assaults in Canada are among the highest in the world.

The Science Behind Voluntary Turnover

There’s a science behind Human Resources that is part psychology and part sociology with some economics thrown in. As such, there is significant research behind employee behaviour. The latest article in the Academy of Management Journal[1]provides some convincing evidence as to why your employees are leaving and what you can do about it.


The latest reports are about voluntary turnover. Why do employees leave and what can you do about it?


Learn tips to prevent turnover, how to apply the latest reasearch a step further, and the scientific evidence behind HR’s best practices . . .