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Rethinking Recruitment: The Flex of Agile Thinking

“Agile” has been a bit of a buzz word in recruitment for a while—usually associated with breaking big tasks into smaller projects with assured feedback from stakeholders propelling greater success. While this holds true, there is an argument to be made that even greater agility is called for both personally and in terms of business process.

Are You Brave Enough for Managerial Courage?

The term “managerial courage” was really borne from a need for brave leaders in the workplace: a willingness for a manager to stand up for what’s right, have their team’s back, refuse to sign up for an impossible deadline, or admit they don’t have all of the answers.

If You Promise the Stars…Deliver

A recent case from Ontario illustrates a shift in judicial thinking with respect to the creation and operation of the employment relationship. A short service employee won a judgement providing him with $500,000 in extra contractual damages in addition to eight months’ salary in lieu of notice.

Transparency Not Always So Clear

As often happens, what seemed to be occurring was not perceived the same way by all involved. Here was a manager, supporting one employee to grow and develop, while resentment was building within another.

Conversational Intelligence: On the Thresholds of the Discomfort Zone

We like to believe we have control of our emotions 100 per cent of the time, but this is rarely the case. Do you remember the last time someone on your team seemed to be hijacked by their amygdala?

Millennial Leaders: Are Organizations Ready?

Millennials are a unique and mysterious bunch. Just when you think you’re finally making progress on figuring out how to manage and motivate Millennials in the workplace, you realize that they’re poised to be our future leaders. In fact, they’re already moving into leadership roles at a rapid rate.

The Next Little Thing: Seven Steps Towards Innovation

Whereas innovation was once desirable, it is now essential for organizations seeking to remain relevant and competitive. What is emerging is a less traditional leadership style, grounded in creating the environment in which everyday innovations can thrive. While not all organizations have shifted as yet, the mentality of the marketplace has most definitely.

Effective Communications and HR: Making the Connection

What was once considered a tool in HR’s strategic leadership is now almost universally recognized as a strategic necessity: effective communications. At a time of high expectations and unprecedented changes in the workplace and workforce, communication is key to the success of all HR functions.