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The Four Keys to Increasingly Complex Change

Change is no longer interpreted in terms of being gradual, steady, progressive or linear; rather, the defining terminology revolves around the lexicon of hyper-fast, disruptive, transformative or non-linear. Consequently, the rules that have traditionally tried to encapsulate the phenomenon of change are also going through multiple revisions rapidly as past becomes an increasingly irrelevant predictor of the future.

Big Data Opens Even Bigger HR Opportunity

Over the past few years, the words ‘big data’ have become commonplace across myriad sectors, but not necessarily better understood—or as widely utilized as might benefit any organizations. In short, information has always been equated with power, and in the modern context, we have access to exponentially ever greater volumes of information.

Living, Learning, Leading: HR Then and Now

Once there were clerks who figured out how much each employee got paid, and made sure they got their money. Picture poor Bob Cratchit. Now, picture today’s human resources professionals, advising leadership teams and sitting at the executive table.