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E-learning: The Best Option for 2018?

Here’s the truth: your employees want training. One of the biggest reasons for turnover in the workplace is a lack of training and development. Employees are 42 per cent more likely to stay at a job when they’ve received the appropriate training.

Infographic: Retail Staffing 101

With the holiday season looming, retail business are hiring seasonal staff. This infographic shares tips for retail staffing that can be applicable for the holidays and beyond.

Social Media @ Work For HR

When LinkedIn was launched in 2003, few in HR could have predicted the role social media would come to play in the profession. In fact, few probably recognized the term “social media” in 2003.

Are You Prepared For Change?

Change is constant and occurs whether we like it or not. Understanding its components on a personal level can help us translate that understanding to the organizational level; an important thing as organizational change typically affects many different areas of that organization. Maybe even more important is the effect that change has on the individuals within the organization, and the impact the change has on them.

Moving Leaders to Invest in Learning: The Strategic Imperative

Andrew Carnegie, the famous Scottish-American industrialist, spoke volumes about the true heartbeat of organizations—people are the linchpins that make the difference in whether organizations flourish or fade. However, while organizations consistently purchase new equipment and technologies to offer superior products and services, investing in employee development is sometimes an afterthought.

Great Reads to Lead The Way in Learning

Reading remains the most available, affordable and practical way to develop ourselves and our interactions with others. Here are two books that have a great deal to teach us about learning, mindfulness, professional development, leadership, and coaching in organizations.

Are Your Newest Hires Trained to Work Safe?

As a supervisor or manager, making sure new employees are familiar with onsite safety procedures and work practices can be an important place to start with your new or young workers.

Motivation vs. Management: Leading in the Mobile Era

Traditional leadership training—even really good, progressive, science-based leadership training—is not addressing the global skills gap that organizations are experiencing when their managers are faced with managing remote teams. Whether you have direct reports that live nearby but work 90 per cent from home or employees based in regions nation or worldwide, managing remotely relies much more on written communication than face-to-face interaction, a fact that many managers struggle with.