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Three Tips for the “Anywhere” Workplace: Collaborating with Virtual Technologies

Do you ever wish you could be in two places at once? Have you struggled to schedule meetings? Do you need to roll out training to team members in distributed locations? Are you trying to maximize the reach, and respect the time, of your specialist trainer? Technology can facilitate working virtually.

Infographic: How to Manage Stress at Work

This infographic details healthy ways to manage your stress at work so you’ll not only be more productive, but also happier overall.

‘Disruptive Innovation’ Not Mutually Exclusive

Is your business disruption ready? Here are six ways to find out.

Education as the Great Divide

Where do workers envision themselves five years from now? Who has the skills to succeed in the fast-changing job market? The answer—and the level of optimism—may very well depend on the amount and type of education attained.

Is Your Workplace Culture a Barrier to Digital Transformation?

Either workplace cultures are getting less tech savvy, or people are now realizing that digital transformation is in fact more about workplace culture than it is about technology.

The Mindset of Work/Life Balance?

There is a lot of talk today about HR’s strategic goal to provide a more balanced work/life environment for employees. Why has that become so important in today’s work place? Are the days of expecting the job to come first really over?

Do You Want to Remain Professionally Relevant in the Digital World?

Business life cycles have become increasingly susceptible to ‘disruptive’ technologies and seemingly secure careers are wavering under the ‘relevancy’ scrutiny. The key for astute professionals is a positive mindset with its ability to envision novel ways of adjusting to the dynamic demands of the digital world.

The Flipside of the Digital Playground: The Case for Reverse Mentoring

At no point in the accumulation of life moments and milestones are we ever served by retiring the thinking caps; the need for reinvention and reinvigoration is never “done.” Yet there is a large contingent of within the workplace and society at large who unwittingly subscribe to this thinking. Catchphrases of this community include statements along the lines of “Technology is a huge time waster” or “I’m too old for…” or “Machines are taking over our lives.” A case for better, “bottom-up” digital sharing is evident.