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Natalie Michael and Brian Conlin: Your CEO Succession Playbook

Redefining succession planning as a business opportunity—not just a leadership challenge—a new book offers an original, definitive perspective on one of the biggest hurdles facing companies.

Apprenticeship Programs Fuel Employee Experience: Much to Learn From “Made in the Trade”

As spotlighted during my recent judging experience with the 2017 Small Business BC Awards, apprenticeship programs provide a great example of formal talent management in practice, demonstrating as they do the power of experience, the path of potential, and the ultimate productivity which results.

Succession Transitions: The Politics of Letting Go

During a succession transition the departing executive needs to let go of control and set their successor up for success. Sometimes this goes well and sometimes it does not.

Succession Squads: An Innovative Approach for Developing High-Potential Talent

Natalie Michael, a speaker at HRMA’s 2016 Conference + Tradeshow, explains the latest tool in her toolbox: succession squads.

Experienced Workers a Boon to Business: Manage the Skills and Knowledge Gaps in Your Workforce

Organizations face many key challenges in today’s market. Case in point: The first wave of baby boomers have started to retire. This reality has created a skills and knowledge gap in the workplace.

Six Succession Practices That Will Make Your Company (and Life) Better

Succession management is like networking. We all know we need to do a better job of it, yet we don’t because we get busy. But then something happens and we realize we should have been doing something different all along.

Boomers Bring the Experience of a Lifetime

Country-wide for the next 17 years, Canadian Baby Boomers will turn 65 at a rate of roughly 1,000 per day. The dread of their retirement “en masse” and the resulting leadership gap is matched only by the Boomers own uncertainties regarding the future—in this at least, all generations are united.

Bottom Up Succession: Diversity Key to Retention

By Pam Paquet Retention is notably measured with numbers, percentages and metrics. While recognizing those measures is key, so too is recognizing people as individuals with skills and interests beyond their roles.  Diversity surrounds us. To keep it alive and well, we must go beyond job descriptions, duties and roles to access the potential of […]