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Cyber Security as a Test for Proactive HR

Imagine your CEO has heard the stories about ransomware and other cyber-threats; do they look for help from the CIO or do they ask the CHRO?

Let’s Fix HR Reporting Once and For All

My clients often start a discussion by describing their vision of advanced analytics. However, the discussion usually veers to today’s reality of getting basic HR reporting right. This topic has been around long enough that’s there’s no excuse for it still being a problem in your organization. Let’s fix it once and for all.

Exiting Employees: How HR can Minimize the Impact

The entire process of an employee exit needs to be handled strategically and in good faith to avoid some preventable but damaging pitfalls.

Perspective: A Tip for Being More Strategic

Everyone tells us we should be strategic thinkers, but what does that actually involve? Here’s a little exercise you can do right now that will make you more strategic.

Can You Teach Business Savvy?

The universal complaint about HR is that it is not sufficiently business savvy. Is this something we can fix through training and development or are we stuck? If we teach people to read financial statements will that help?

HR at the Crossroads: Strategic Partner or Policy Police?

Human resources as an effective business partner within the organization is increasingly seen as a competitive advantage—as more organizations recognize it as a strategic role improving the interface between human capital and business operations. In short, the HR business partner drives organizational performance adding value.

How to Get Clean Data for Your HR Reporting

All the talk about people analytics has led to a resurgence of interest in better HR reporting. Unfortunately, most of the advice on how to do reporting reads like this: “Metrics should be based on accurate data, they should deliver clear insights, and you should tell a story around those insights that will drive action.” The problem is not that these points are wrong, it’s that those are the very issues that are standing in your way.

Escape from Big Data

You probably feel under some pressure to do something with “Big Data”. What you should actually do is probably far less clear. Let me help.