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Get In The Game: Unleash Winning Performance

Gamification has everyone talking. This year it will also have 20% of Global 2000 organizations playing, and by 2014 this number is expected to rise to 70%. Surprisingly, this is good for business.

It’s Kudos Not Cash: How Non-Monetary Social Recognition Delivers More For Less

Monetary incentives don’t buy workplace happiness. The age old methodology of motivation, using monetary ‘carrots’ – such as perks or financial remuneration – has a weak exchange rate with today’s knowledge worker, for whom the most valuable currency is recognition.

Gallup Reveals Recognition Matters

You might think that individual performance is at one end of a spectrum and collaboration is at the other. But both styles of working have one thing in common – engagement.

Group Recognition Really Works

I’ve shared before that praise and recognition are powerful motivators, outstripping cash in their effectiveness. Talk may not be as cheap as we’ve been told it is. Now, thanks to a column by David Brooks, it seems that we have solid evidence that the best way to motivate individual performance is…not to reward the individual.

Is Your Culture Collaborative?

When MIT’s Technology Review asked tech author Evan Rosen about ways to facilitate collaboration within an organization, the answer was that technology alone won’t drive collaboration. Effective collaboration is not a technology problem, it’s a cultural problem. Too many companies are caught up in a culture of celebrity that favours competition over working together.

Social Recognition Programs: Why They Matter

Fifty-four per cent of organizations involuntarily lost high-performing employees during the first half of 2010, reports T&D Magazine. The number one reason people leave their jobs is lack of appreciation. These figures speak to the challenge of talent retention and employee engagement.