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Infographic: Time is Money

This infographic, featuring stats from the UK, examines the cost of wasted time. Is it the same in your Canadian office?

Infographic: Personal Branding

This infographic explores the topic of personal branding and how to market your strengths and uniqueness to recruiters.

Infographic: ATS Integrated vs Traditional Social Media Recruiting

This infographic compares regular social media recruiting and ATS integrated social media recruiting.

#Harassment – Do Employers Need to Protect Employees on Social Media?

Back in 2012, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) launched a Twitter account to “receive and respond to customer service questions and concerns.” However, the TTC likely did not anticipate the extent to which its employees would – publicly – become targets for abuse.

Navigating by Organizational Moral Compass

At a time when social media is blurring personal and professional boundaries, the need for accountability, best practices and organizational alignment on all levels becomes imperative. In this day and age, that alignment needs to include not only those visionary managers and thought-leaders at the top, but the wider forum of the organization, including our virtual teams—some of whom might not even ‘yet’ work for the company.

The Social-Media Friendly Workplace: Mobilizing for Maximum Effectiveness

While social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Reddit, and YouTube have become part of most people’s everyday lives, many companies are still reluctant and questioning whether or not to allow their employees to use social media at work. What if the key was to put it to work?

Navigating the Coming Sea Change: Searching for Economic Growth Amid Population Aging

Looking ahead, workforce exits are projected to significantly outpace new entrants. For Canada, this represents a sea change in the evolution of the job market.

The Flipside of the Digital Playground: The Case for Reverse Mentoring

At no point in the accumulation of life moments and milestones are we ever served by retiring the thinking caps; the need for reinvention and reinvigoration is never “done.” Yet there is a large contingent of within the workplace and society at large who unwittingly subscribe to this thinking. Catchphrases of this community include statements along the lines of “Technology is a huge time waster” or “I’m too old for…” or “Machines are taking over our lives.” A case for better, “bottom-up” digital sharing is evident.