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Infographic: A Guide to Employee Recognition

Here is a guide to employee recognition including how to implement a program in six steps.

Feeling Stressed and Overworked? Survey Reveals You Are Not Alone

A recent survey from Monster Canada found that one-in-four working Canadians has left a job due to stress and 17 per cent have considered it. Overall, six-in-ten (58 per cent) of working Canadians say that they are overworked.

Talent Management: Putting People First

Talent management is attracting a crowd. While usually delegated to HR, it is currently gaining visibility and sparking discussion about just what it encompasses, and who is best qualified to lead it.

Onboarding with Innovative Intent: A Tale of First Day Realities

Onboarding with Innovative Intent: A Tale of First Day Realities

You never get a second chance to make a first impression and first impressions are often difficult to change. Innovative onboarding should be a workplace norm, however, the reality is more divisive.

Millennial Learning “Needs” Work for Everyone: Unlocking Organizational Potential

we can credit the Millennials and younger in the workplace for pushing change forward—encouraging and enabling significant changes to the learning opportunities provided with a focus on education and development that is both engaging and enduring. Moreover, while it may be a Millennial push, it serves to benefit everyone and is key for all organizations.

CEO TalkBack: HR’s Role in the Perfect Storm

CEOs are asking: How do we give people more of what they want, yet manage cash constraints and the downside of too-much-too-fast?

For Good: Holding on to Your Talent Through Social Responsibility

In an increasingly competitive business landscape, Canadian organizations know their ability to attract top talent is often the difference between surging ahead of competitors and falling hopelessly behind. But as more Millennials enter the workforce, attracting talent is no longer just about sky-high salaries and big benefit packages.

Communicate: Four Ways to Retain Talent After a Merger

Mergers commonly lead to layoffs. But there is often staff you want — or must — keep. Good luck with that. Mergers are notorious employee engagement-killers.