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New School Performance Process Design: Opportunities and Cautions

Well known companies such as Microsoft, Motorola, Gap, Expedia and GE have made, or are in the process of making, the move away from rating past performance and toward more frequent, meaningful conversations aimed at driving ongoing improvement, development and realizing potential.

Seeking Organizational Resilience? Trust is a Must

It has been said that the amount of resilience shown by an organization is the product of both the personal abilities of individuals in the organization and the degree to which those people feel supported and comfortable in the organization. This holds true whether that organization is a family, school, community or any other group that has some common interests—such as the workplace.

Relational Leadership Opens Doors to Success

Relational Leadership Opens Doors to Success

A wise sage once said that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. That is the crux of relational leadership.

Improving Staff Morale Through Authentic Appreciation

Four core conditions have been identified which need to be present in order for employees to truly ‘feel’ appreciated, which differs from recognition just being communicated.

Reconnecting with the Impact of HR: A Refreshed Perspective

As HR professionals, we are in the people business. We work with employees and managers every day. Some we engage with fiercely; with some our connections are just in passing. A recent “reconnecting” experience taught me that we are connecting in every moment, and we have no idea what the impact of those connections are or will be in the future.

Top Ten Easiest Ways to Express Appreciation

Paul White, a speaker at HRMA’s Conference + Tradeshow 2016, shares 10 easy ways to show appreciation.

What You Focus on Grows…Why Not Make it Strengths?

What if we did take a few minutes out on a regular basis to tell our colleagues what was great about them? What if we were able to end each week answering affirmatively to the question: did I sufficiently let my colleagues know how much I appreciated and needed them this week?

Employee Engagement Gives Life to Employer Brands

Employee engagement—it’s fundamental, experts say. And new research feeds the claim, pinpointing the pain points that surface when Canadian employees aren’t engaged.