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Improving Staff Morale Through Authentic Appreciation

Four core conditions have been identified which need to be present in order for employees to truly ‘feel’ appreciated, which differs from recognition just being communicated.

Reconnecting with the Impact of HR: A Refreshed Perspective

As HR professionals, we are in the people business. We work with employees and managers every day. Some we engage with fiercely; with some our connections are just in passing. A recent “reconnecting” experience taught me that we are connecting in every moment, and we have no idea what the impact of those connections are or will be in the future.

Top Ten Easiest Ways to Express Appreciation

Paul White, a speaker at HRMA’s Conference + Tradeshow 2016, shares 10 easy ways to show appreciation.

What You Focus on Grows…Why Not Make it Strengths?

What if we did take a few minutes out on a regular basis to tell our colleagues what was great about them? What if we were able to end each week answering affirmatively to the question: did I sufficiently let my colleagues know how much I appreciated and needed them this week?

Employee Engagement Gives Life to Employer Brands

Employee engagement—it’s fundamental, experts say. And new research feeds the claim, pinpointing the pain points that surface when Canadian employees aren’t engaged.

The Analytics of Recognition

Recognition programs have been around forever. Sales managers like using prizes to motivate people, it feels right to give people a memento for long service, and restaurants see value in naming a good worker “employee of the month.” Most organizations view these programs the same way they view refreshing the office with new furniture; it is a nice thing to do, and companies believe it makes business sense. The payoff, however, is uncertain.

Col. Chris Hadfield Phones Home: “Good Morning Earth”

With those three words, Colonel Chris Hadfield began his Twitter feed and woke the world daily for over five months as the first Canadian commander of the International Space Station in 2013. By the time he strummed the opening chords to his zero-g performance of David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ he had anchored another first—becoming the world’s first viral astronaut.

The Power of Conversation

Organizations with open channels for dialogue with employees are well on their way to creating the kind of engagement and commitment from their workers that generates success. It turns out that successful business outcomes start with conversation.