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Can Old Dogs Learn New Tricks? Five Steps to Growing EQ

Nic Tsangarakis explores how emotional intelligence skills, also referred to as EQ, such as conflict resolution, can be learned or enhanced. Current studies and his personal experience strongly suggest that it really is possible to teach an “old dog” new tricks.

Emergency Preparedness – Does Your Business Have a Plan?

If a disaster were to strike while you were at work, would you know what to do? Luckily, putting together a plan can be very easy. Organizations of any size can effectively put something in place by planning, preparing and practicing.

The Value of Old Knowledge

HR is always looking for new perspectives, new tips, or new programs. After a while all this newness becomes tedious. Sometimes the new ideas are simply not very good. Sometimes we find they are merely old concepts repackaged in an unfamiliar way. Sometimes there is just too much newness to contend with.

Practice Makes Perfect Revisited: Deliberate Practice and the Development of Expertise

Well-designed practice is what separates meaningful learning from passive information presentation. But do we design adequate practice to build the expertise needed in the modern workplace?