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The Expectation of Excellence: Creating a High-Performance Culture

As a leader, you don’t head to work every day intending to achieve mediocre results. Nonetheless, are you inadvertently setting mediocre expectations through your actions or focus? Unfortunately, this is a trap that snags many organizational and business leaders.

Q: What have you found to be the most effective means of recruitment for organizations today?

Five BC HRMA members from around the province share their perspectives on the question of effective recruiting methods.

The Art of the Hire

There is a definite price tag attached to finding and keeping quality people in the workplace. As per the PeopleTalk cover story, “Hire Standards: Better Fit”, our focus is fixed on recruitment, one of the base tenets of any strategic human resources plan.

Hire Standards: Better Fit

Today, recruiting the right leaders to navigate is critical to advance companies through this paradigm shift. Team players too must be in synchronicity. Recruiters must find the right fit, aligning potential candidates with the company’s core culture and creating workplaces where employees feel engaged and inspired.

Lang Knows Her Business (and Yours)

Gemini-award winning business journalist Amanda Lang is CBC’s senior business correspondent, co-host of The Lang & O’Leary Exchange, and a bestselling author. She brings her engaging insights and style to the HRMA Conference + Tradeshow 2013’s plenary stage.

Q: How do you define engagement and when in your career/life were most engaged?

By Raluca Manolache TJ Schmaltz, CHRP executive director of HR and payroll services, District of West Vancouver TJ Schmaltz started his career as a labour and employment lawyer in Vancouver before moving into the HR world; he has worked in a variety of roles, including working with BC’s Adult Corrections Branch and as director of […]

Gusto, Engagement and Gallup

Perhaps a better approach is to consider ‘engagement’ a process, not a finite end to something we start and finish. Regardless of how we quantify the return on employee engagement, there is no doubt that there is a significant opportunity for those that embrace the notion.

What we do know is that having an energized and mobile workforce is a competitive advantage.

Bullying and the Bigger Picture: The Impact of Individual and Unit-level Bullying on Turnover Intentions

A research study finds that bullying increases turnover intentions in not only the individual who is the target of the bullying, but also at the work unit level.