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CEO TalkBack: Finding The Courage to Act

By definition business contains risk. It’s in everything—the market conditions, the product and service launches, the environmental landscape, human resources and finance. There is no escaping risk if you want to play the game in business. Given this, leaders who want to win need resilience to succeed, rise to challenges and face risks.

Natalie Michael and Brian Conlin: Your CEO Succession Playbook

Redefining succession planning as a business opportunity—not just a leadership challenge—a new book offers an original, definitive perspective on one of the biggest hurdles facing companies.

CEO TalkBack: Leadership Learning to ‘Like’ Social Media

Last month I was at an executive coaching conference and in between sessions the majority of people quickly grabbed their phones and started tapping away. I am not sure what exactly they were doing. Email? Instagram? LinkedIn? Snap chat? Text? I had no idea. When I got back to my hotel room and checked the hashtag for the conference on Twitter, and the conference group on LinkedIn, my social media feeds erupted. Pretty much every minute of the conference was available to me, including play-by-plays of the moments I missed. The point is—social media is everywhere.

CEO TalkBack: Four Principles for Putting People First

There are many competing priorities for a leader’s time: customers, products and new innovations among others. Yet, organizations that put people first send a clear message. The best organizations and leaders actually spend the majority of their time on people, and their development.

Although the actual practices for putting people first may change depending on the market conditions and cultural realities here are four principles that stand the test of time.

CEO Talk Back: Why Not You?

Mindset is an interesting thing. It can mess with you, or contribute to your success in powerful ways.

CEO TalkBack: Raising the Leadership Bar

A fundamental belief I hold is that we all have an unlimited capacity to learn and develop ourselves, and that when we share our knowledge and experience we create a better world. It seems that many organizations who are at the leading edge of leadership development share this point of view.

CEO TalkBack: HR’s Role in the Perfect Storm

CEOs are asking: How do we give people more of what they want, yet manage cash constraints and the downside of too-much-too-fast?

10 Fantastic Coaching Questions to Ask Your High Potential Talent

Natalie Michael shares some great coaching questions you can ask your best and brightest people.