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HR Thrives in Culture Commitment: Steward, Gatekeeper, Catalyst?

Once the domain of anthropologists and sociologists, the understanding of culture has become an area of significant interest in the corporate world.

Resilience and Adaptability: HR at the Root of Better Business

In today’s environment, change is omnipresent—only its pace and magnitude vary. What also varies is the presence of resiliency that enables organizations and individuals to deal with it; yet successful navigation of change is vital for survival.

Talent Management: Putting People First

Talent management is attracting a crowd. While usually delegated to HR, it is currently gaining visibility and sparking discussion about just what it encompasses, and who is best qualified to lead it.

The HR Mindset: Keeping People First

For years now, HR professionals have heard that they need to understand their organization’s business to be effective. The question is—does business understand HR?

Leading Learning and Development: Challenging and Championing Change

As any HR professional can attest, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. From the L&D they require for success themselves to development at the highest levels of leadership, it falls to HR practitioners to identify the needs, justify the investment, then provide or source the solutions their organizations need.

Disruption: HR for Challenging Times

Change surrounds us. The world has changed in every conceivable—and previously inconceivable—way within a generation. The question is though, when does change in the wider world become disruption in the workplace, and how does that affect an organization’s expectations of human resources?

Challenges of Change Inspire Innovation

Often, what is first seen as the worst possible situation can lead to the best—through ingenuity. Challenge breeds innovation in every area of human endeavour; HR is no different.

Top Line HR: Driving Business Results

While it is generally accepted today that HR practitioners contribute to their employers’ bottom line, questions remain—such as how, and by how much. Switching the lens from the bottom line impact to top line practices readily reveals HR’s unique ability to drive and sustain business results.