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The Four Keys to Increasingly Complex Change

Change is no longer interpreted in terms of being gradual, steady, progressive or linear; rather, the defining terminology revolves around the lexicon of hyper-fast, disruptive, transformative or non-linear. Consequently, the rules that have traditionally tried to encapsulate the phenomenon of change are also going through multiple revisions rapidly as past becomes an increasingly irrelevant predictor of the future.

Better Off Together: Age-Diverse Workforce a Winning Formula

Take a walk around one of Global Relay’s five offices around the globe and something jumps out immediately. No one looks the same. Their 300-strong workforce is made up of people of all different ethnicities, gender and age. There’s no cookie-cutter employee. The company, which provides messaging and archiving technology services to the financial sector, has embraced and leveraged diversity from day one.

HR Key to Project Management Success

By their very nature, special projects play a key role in igniting the innovative potential within any organization. As temporary endeavours undertaken to achieve unique goals and results, projects serve as both a catalyst and an end unto themselves. Inevitably, they also call upon the unique skill set of today’s HR professional.

Five Tips: Multiple Generations in the Workplace

There has never been such generational diversity in the workplace as there is today. In fact, it is not unusual to find people from each of the four generational demographics – Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X’ers and Millennials – in a single department. Each generation brings its own values, expectations, habits and work styles into the mix, and leaders who can understand and appreciate each of the four generations foster innovation, better quality and greater productivity in their organizations.