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Employee Wellness: Limit the Effects of Divorce in the Workplace

When a marriage falls apart, the ordeal of separation is upsetting and difficult for an individual to navigate. Unsurprisingly, the emotional stress caused by this knotty and complicated process often has a negative impact on the life of the employee in the workplace.

5 Key Reasons Companies Should Promote Mental Health at Work

One in five people in Canada experience mental health problems, and this number is on the rise. It makes an ideal time for business organizations to take stock in how well they are supporting mental health initiatives in their workplace – and why they should do it better.

Presenteeism: Physical Presence Doesn’t Equal Positive Workplace Production

A national study by Morneau Shepell has indicated that more employees than employers view presenteeism as a serious issue in their workplace.

Guarding Minds @ Work (as Mental Health Challenges Grow)

The workplace can be a wonderful, fulfilling, exciting place where our skills and experience are utilized to contribute to organizational growth, a dynamic work culture and to making a difference in the world—as a team working collectively to achieve common goals.

Sadly, it appears that this is not the norm.

Workplace Health and Wellness Crucial to Economic Prosperity

Economic sustainability for Canada in a fast-changing world economy relies not only on business opportunities, but also on a mentally and physically healthy labour force.

Alcohol, Drugs and Work

Addictions in the workplace lay at a complicated intersection of many areas of law, including human rights, privacy and workplace safety. They are also increasingly receiving the attention of our legal system. Here are some common concerns.

Psychological Health an Increasing Issue in Workplace

Psychological health has been a long-standing problem that has greatly impaired productivity of organizations and the well being of workers. There was a time when psychological health problems had a stigma and were simply not talked about. Although psychological health and safety has been identified as a critical issue in recent years, many employers still have not been addressing it.

To the Brink and Back: One HR Manager’s Journey Through Burnout

At 10:00 a.m., sitting in front of my computer with a lengthy to-do list, I was already exhausted. For months I’d been struggling with fatigue and a deep sadness that permeated everything in my life. It had gotten harder and harder to find the mental focus and physical energy to put in a day’s work.