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Are Millennials Ready For The Corner Office?

Survey: most CFOs confident millennial employees prepared for leadership positions.

Putting the “I” in Change

There’s a good chance the missing link in your organization’s change program is you. By identifying your performance gap, you can set the stage for lasting change.

The First Rule of Management

As you increase the confidence of your team members you will be amazed at how their performance improves, which in turn will improve your own performance.

The Constancy of Management

There are lessons for HR everywhere we look. I suggest that all HR leaders take a break from reading the usual management books and see what there is to be learned from unexpected sources.

Five Steps to Sustain Professional Development

As opposed to technical training that would be specific to a particular role, EQ covers every relationship that employees have, both professionally and personally; that makes it crucial to turn the takeaways of this training into real life practice and immediate benefits in employee and client relationships, productivity and efficiency. Here are five tips to help turn interpersonal skills education into solid learning.

Selling Soft Skills to Hard Managers

As an HR professional, how do you “sell” the value and need for ongoing interpersonal skills development with a team of hardened business managers? Here are five simple starters.

Intervention: From Negative Impact to Constructive Leadership

An intervention is an extreme, serious action to improve a critical situation. Reality TV has sensationalized this concept, but you may not have considered this same approach as an effective solution in the workplace. Specifically, an intervention may be a useful strategy for “problem leaders.”

Holist Assessment

When we tackle any problem in management we break it down into its constituent parts. This is the essence of analysis. Reductionism is a useful tactic, but only a tactic. HR needs to explicitly understand holist assessment.