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Focus: A Timeless Secret of Influential Leaders

To perform at the highest level, I believe it helps if you can learn what the majority of the influential leaders do, and do likewise.

5 Tips for Learning to Work with a New Boss

Feeling overwhelmed with the arrival of a new boss? Mastering these five tasks will make you feel better.

HR Thrives in Culture Commitment: Steward, Gatekeeper, Catalyst?

Once the domain of anthropologists and sociologists, the understanding of culture has become an area of significant interest in the corporate world.

Five Steps to Fix a Toxic Team

In the world of business it’s safe to say all work is done in teams. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you most of the teams they’ve been on are average or mediocre, or good but not great. And sadly, many can tell you in dreaded detail about the toxic teams they’ve been on where gossip, sabotage, and finger-pointing were the norm.

Why EQ is Essential for all Leaders

The emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) and leadership are two concepts so ubiquitous in workplace lexicon that they are thrown around with the assumption that: 1) we all know what they mean, and 2) we all agree on their definition. But do we? More importantly, are we really practicing them?

Seeking Organizational Resilience? Trust is a Must

It has been said that the amount of resilience shown by an organization is the product of both the personal abilities of individuals in the organization and the degree to which those people feel supported and comfortable in the organization. This holds true whether that organization is a family, school, community or any other group that has some common interests—such as the workplace.

Diversity and Chemical Conversations

What chemicals are your conversations producing? And how is impacting diversity in your workplace?

HR LeadersTalk: Tracey Arnish, CPHR

Tracey Arnish, CPHR is the chief people officer with Coast Capital Savings Credit Union. Coast is the largest credit union by members in Canada has 1,600 employees serving the financial well-being of 532,000 members through 52 branches in BC.