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Infographic: Time is Money

This infographic, featuring stats from the UK, examines the cost of wasted time. Is it the same in your Canadian office?

Survey: Health and Wellness… and the Office Candy Jar

A recent survey provides some insight into employee health and wellness program, plus how employees really feel about the office candy jar.

Infographic: How to Manage Stress at Work

This infographic details healthy ways to manage your stress at work so you’ll not only be more productive, but also happier overall.

Infographic: Personal Branding

This infographic explores the topic of personal branding and how to market your strengths and uniqueness to recruiters.

Infographic: Staying Happy and Healthy at Work

This infographic provides tips on staying healthy, comfortable and pain-free at work. Whether you have a traditional or standing desk, you can optimize your positions for good posture and wrist placement.

Infographic: Wellness in the Workplace

This infographic provides tips for a healthy, active workplace and features information on posture and desk ergonomics.

Infographic: Manage Your Time Wisely

This infographic details 15 ways you can manage your time wisely.

Infographic: Improve Empathy at Work

This infographic details the importance of empathy in the workplace and provides a few tips for how you can be more empathetic.