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Learning is a Process, Not an Event

I have subscribed to this nugget of wisdom forever. If you deliver training, I have a simple way for you to break the mold of training as an event. Introduce a before/during/after framework to your planning or training design.

Adopting a New Approach to User Training

User adoption is about helping new users become competent (or beyond) and comfortable with a system. Too often it’s just considered a “training” problem, but it’s really much more complex than that. It’s about behaviour change, and that’s never simple. It’s also often divorced from ongoing use. There’s the “go live” activity and it isn’t really tied to the ongoing.

So We Agree? Let’s Get to e-Business

The participants of a recent workshop indicate that they didn’t actually need to “sell” the idea of e-learning to their organization. They had implicit or explicit support. I really hope that this is representative of where we are at in terms of industry acceptance. I, for one, am glad that we can stop talking about why it’s a good thing and roll up our sleeves and make some cool e-learning.

E-Learning: Do It Right (But Do It!)

The key is this – technology is changing faster and faster than ever before and today’s cool is tomorrow’s must have, while today’s must have might be tomorrow’s has-been. In spite of the potential land mines inherent in embracing e-learning, my advice is to do it anyway. Just do it right.

Solutions in Search of Problems

The theme for my work lately has been “solutions seeking problems”. You know, the situation where you are asked to throw together a , and it isn’t really what is needed. The tendency is to just buckle up and do it anyhow.

Trade Up On Training: Become a Performance Diagnostician

This post focuses more on how to know when it’s not just training. Lots of times training is suggested because it is something tangible and action-oriented. In my experience, it’s easier for someone to come to me saying they need some training and not “I need help”.

Performance Support for Workflow: Training on the Go

I’m working with a client who is rolling out a system to a global group of employees and they have requested training. I have suggested that we invest more in performance support rather than training. Is there a difference? Well, not really. It’s situational. Performance support places the emphasis on helping in the workflow at the “moment of need”.

My Big, Fat HR Failure… Is Great!

I want to share with you a wonderful blog post that I really connected with. It’s about failure. People are so afraid to talk about failure as though it is some kind of icky communicable disease. We ALL fail. And yet, who admits to it?