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The Flipside of the Digital Playground: The Case for Reverse Mentoring

At no point in the accumulation of life moments and milestones are we ever served by retiring the thinking caps; the need for reinvention and reinvigoration is never “done.” Yet there is a large contingent of within the workplace and society at large who unwittingly subscribe to this thinking. Catchphrases of this community include statements along the lines of “Technology is a huge time waster” or “I’m too old for…” or “Machines are taking over our lives.” A case for better, “bottom-up” digital sharing is evident.

Millennial Learning “Needs” Work for Everyone: Unlocking Organizational Potential

we can credit the Millennials and younger in the workplace for pushing change forward—encouraging and enabling significant changes to the learning opportunities provided with a focus on education and development that is both engaging and enduring. Moreover, while it may be a Millennial push, it serves to benefit everyone and is key for all organizations.

Infographic: What Motivates Millennials in the Workplace

As Millennials now outnumber all other generations in the workforce, this infographic offers organizations insightful details about Millennials’ professional goals and interests.

Cross-Generation Communication, Collaboration and Creativity

While discussions around generations and age demographics have been hot button topics for HR professionals and business leaders for some time, the focus of that conversation has shifted—by necessity—‘from peril to potential.’

Infographic: Is Your Company Prepared for Generation Z?

In five years, Generation Z will make up more than 20 per cent of the workforce. With new ideas and expectations for the professional world, they’re poised to add yet another layer to multigenerational teams. This infographic explores Generation Z, their perspective and expectations.

Brad Karsh: The Politics of Presence and the Art of Feedback

As a keynote speaker, generational guru and CEO of JB Training solutions, Brad Karsh has garnered a following in the leadership community—all based on his commitment to learning, presence and productivity.

Millennial Leaders: Are Organizations Ready?

Millennials are a unique and mysterious bunch. Just when you think you’re finally making progress on figuring out how to manage and motivate Millennials in the workplace, you realize that they’re poised to be our future leaders. In fact, they’re already moving into leadership roles at a rapid rate.

Research Briefing: Generational Differences in the Workplace

HRMA’s latest Research Briefing explores generational differences in the workplace.