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Infographic: ATS Integrated vs Traditional Social Media Recruiting

This infographic compares regular social media recruiting and ATS integrated social media recruiting.

Of Google, Groupthink and the Culture of Decision-Making

What can the recent controversies at Google, Facebook and Uber teach us about cultural limits to decision-making in our company and community?

Navigating by Organizational Moral Compass

At a time when social media is blurring personal and professional boundaries, the need for accountability, best practices and organizational alignment on all levels becomes imperative. In this day and age, that alignment needs to include not only those visionary managers and thought-leaders at the top, but the wider forum of the organization, including our virtual teams—some of whom might not even ‘yet’ work for the company.

Social Media @ Work For HR

When LinkedIn was launched in 2003, few in HR could have predicted the role social media would come to play in the profession. In fact, few probably recognized the term “social media” in 2003.

The Real ROI of Informal and Social Learning

Social or informal learning at a very basic level is learning through social connections and/or shared learning experiences through social media. For example, we may learn by listening to a podcast, a conversation during dinner with friends, receiving an email, reading a LinkedIn post, watching a live notification video on Facebook, debriefing a team project or receiving feedback from your Leader; the list goes on.

Social Media Goes to Work (For or Against You?)

What value do organizations truly receive from having a presence on social media?

Five Technologies That Serve HR and the Workplace Well

Increasingly, the delivery, support and management of HR all depend on technology, and the landscape is ever changing and being positively disrupted. With that in mind, let’s look at five technologies that have changed the way HR goes to work most effectively.

Social Media: A Woman’s Touch Required

As pointed out by Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg, “The social world is led by women.” Traditionally depicted as the more social of the sexes, perhaps it is unsurprising women have taken the pole position in social media.