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When to Give 80% of Your Best Effort

Distinguishing between situations that call for excellence versus situations that call for “just getting it done” is an important skill for all employees from the top to the bottom of the organization.

Dare We Include Realistic Advice in Onboarding?

Onboarding is usually an upbeat process. However, the truth is that bad things happen in any organization and the question is whether we should warn employees about them.

Cyber Security as a Test for Proactive HR

Imagine your CEO has heard the stories about ransomware and other cyber-threats; do they look for help from the CIO or do they ask the CHRO?

Let’s Fix HR Reporting Once and For All

My clients often start a discussion by describing their vision of advanced analytics. However, the discussion usually veers to today’s reality of getting basic HR reporting right. This topic has been around long enough that’s there’s no excuse for it still being a problem in your organization. Let’s fix it once and for all.

Paying Attention is More Important Than Thinking

How we think things are is often different from how things really are. Paying attention is what keeps us on the right track. There is great power in the humility of simply trying to see the world as it is without trying to fit it into your preconceptions.

Conflict Resolution for a Politically Polarized Workforce

We’ve seen sharp polarization of political beliefs in universities and the public at large to the point where groups simply shout at each other with no ability to listen. This becomes a problem when it bleeds into the organization.

Perspective: A Tip for Being More Strategic

Everyone tells us we should be strategic thinkers, but what does that actually involve? Here’s a little exercise you can do right now that will make you more strategic.

Learning & Development: The Advantages of Being a Slow Learner

Do you feel like a slow learner? Is it a good or bad thing? Is there a deep lesson in this topic that can affect how we approach leadership development?