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Mapping a More Measurable Approach to Culture Crafting

Greater focus on culture creates a greater demand for more reliable measurement of culture, but is it actually measurable?

Scaling Up Aboriginal Talent in the Workforce

The 2016 Canadian Census revealed three major population trends in Canada: we are having fewer babies, progressively more boomers are transitioning into retirement, and most people are living longer. Taken together, these trends point towards a population that is greying faster than at any other time in Canadian history.

A Good Read on Culture

What does it take to turn the page on corporate culture and drive forward a new chapter of engagement and productivity in the workplace? A good read is great place to start.

The Reality (and Importance) of Day-to-Day Conversation

In today’s digital workplace, we use technology to quickly communicate with each other on a daily basis; for many, this is the preferred way of connecting. However, people still yearn for, and need, day-to-day conversations with their senior leaders and each other. In this article we’ll examine the reality, importance, and the benefit of having face-to-face (F2F) conversations with colleagues and direct reports.

“How Can HR Be the Catalyst for Workplace Culture?”

CPHR BC & Yukon members respond to the question, “How can HR be the catalyst for workplace culture?”

HR Thrives in Culture Commitment: Steward, Gatekeeper, Catalyst?

Once the domain of anthropologists and sociologists, the understanding of culture has become an area of significant interest in the corporate world.

Six Critical Areas of Ethical, Corporate Decision-Making

Developing and maintaining an ethical organization is a complex and time-consuming effort. It requires constant attention to build the proper “DNA” and have it expressed in all day-to-day and strategic operations. It requires an understanding of what ethics are, and how individuals and organizations make ethical decisions.

Caring it Forward at Work: The Employee-Driven Heart of BigSteelBox

Thinking back over my time in HR, there are many stories that come to mind about colleagues coming together to help each other in times of need. Working where I do, as HR manager at BigSteelBox, I don’t have to look back any further than last spring—but the roots of that story reach deeper.