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#HRMA2012 – Reflections of an #HRfanboy

Why was #HRMA2012 such a great event? For a third year #HRfanboy from SFU Beedie, this was BC’s HR field at its finest. Nearly 1,000 HR professionals were under one roof to celebrate 50 years of HR excellence promoted by BC HRMA. Because of these three days, #HRMA2012 has confirmed for me that HR is truly the career field that I would find happiness in. (Remember Tony Hsieh?)

BC HRMA Webcast Trilogy Brings Conference 2012 Home

Many of us are asked to do things differently, drive higher topline growth, reduce costs, or introduce a new process to deliver better customer service. And doing things differently brings up lots of questions: Where to begin? What if this initiative fails? There can be a lot of unknowns. The end result may be clear in our minds but the beginning is blurry.

Grateful for People, Passion, Profit

As the recipient of the 2012 Vancouver Island Region BC HRMA Student Scholarship, I was fortunate to attend all three days of this year’s BC HRMA conference. Each day was jam packed with world-renowned speakers, relevant businesses at the tradeshow, and plenty of time for networking with some of the most talented HR professionals in the industry.

Change Culture Impact = People Passion Profit

People. Passion. Profit. These three words were the tagline of the 50th Annual BC HRMA Conference and rang true throughout the entire three-day event. It was exciting to see each of these elements come through in the plenary and speaker sessions, as well as through the networking.

Jeremy Gutsche: Exploiting Chaos, Embracing Culture

Jeremy Gutsche has his finger on the pulse of innovation. As the founder of Trendhunter.com and the award-winning author of Exploiting Chaos, he is one of the most sought after keynote speakers in North America. Gutsche’s presentation at BC HRMA’s 50th Annual Conference and Tradeshow is a surefire catalyst for organizational change.

Memory Boosters: 9 Easy Ways to Remember Your Presentation Material

One of the most common reasons we experience presentation anxiety is the fear that we will forget what we have to say and risk losing credibility. Reduce anxiety and increase confidence through simple memory boosting practices. Here are nine tips to help you remember what you have to say.

It Takes a Team to Found Our Future

BC HRMA’s Annual Conference has provided us with ongoing inspiration for the past 50 years. As this is an anniversary, for both conference and the association, this year’s theme of “Founding our Future” is particularly appropriate. As anyone in HR can attest, much has changed and continues to do so.

Founding Our Future: Celebrating an HR Milestone

For the past 70 years, in one form or another, the BC Human Resources Management Association has been “Founding Our Future”. As the underlying theme for the 50th Annual BC HRMA Conference and Tradeshow, it is more apt than ever for HR professionals.