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5 Tips for Learning to Work with a New Boss

Feeling overwhelmed with the arrival of a new boss? Mastering these five tasks will make you feel better.

Organizational Storytelling: The Swiss Army Knife in Your Leadership Toolkit

Like a Swiss Army knife, organizational storytelling has numerous, powerful uses. CEOs attend multiple-day seminars to learn how to do this well because storytelling is an effective way to communicate a strategic vision, to discuss (and change) culture or to illustrate the ethics that exist (or need to exist) within your organization.

Hire with Emotional Intelligence

Often times hiring managers try to figure out an ultimate formula for an ideal candidate’s personality traits. It is a particularly tricky task considering that each position puts an employee through very unique experiences and, as a result, requires a specific set of attitudes, interpersonal habits, and stress-coping mechanisms to become successful in the job. The secret is that a formula like that doesn’t even need to be invented, as it already exists within one key factor: emotional intelligence.

Diversity and Chemical Conversations

What chemicals are your conversations producing? And how is impacting diversity in your workplace?

Workplace Tragedy: Report Recommendations for Employer Response

No one wants a work-related tragedy to happen. But if the worst does happen, the way the employer responds can make a significant difference to the family of an injured or deceased worker.

Attention Manager: Become a Better Listener

Within the human resources profession, managers are placed in a unique position in that they serve as a bridge between the organization they work for and its employees. In order to be successful, HR managers and reps must be excellent communicators.

Co-Creative Conversations: Leading, Motivating and Evaluating with Excellence

By Sasja Chomos When I ask leaders if they are having regular conversations with employees, they inevitably say, “Of course! I talk with my staff all the time.” While there is no doubt that multiple communications happen on a daily basis, the real question becomes: are leaders having the right kinds of conversations that lead […]

Getting Beyond Measure (as the Only Measure)

The reality for HR professionals and managers alike is that while measurement is key, ongoing clarity of communication is even more vital to creating the environment for positive outcomes.