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Lies Technology Tells: Unrealistic Expectations of ‘Smartphones’

Our smartphones, tablets, and other devices are technological marvels, but unfortunately, they’ve diverted our attention away from what people can accomplish in conversations. Geoffrey Tumlin shares five unrealistic expectations we have for how our digital devices boost communication and provides advice to help us improve our communication with each other.

Communicating As A Leader

We often find ourselves sitting through long and boring PowerPoint presentations where we witness the presenter slowly disappear as they are outperformed by their visuals. The presentation becomes a speed reading contest between members of the audience who sit wondering when the presentation will be over. And as if that were not bad enough, the slides are filled with nothing but uninspiring, overwhelming information. This is a big loss for the presenter. The presenter had a leadership opportunity – that is, they had a chance to inspire the audience and move them to think differently and therefore act differently.