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HR Thrives in Culture Commitment: Steward, Gatekeeper, Catalyst?

Once the domain of anthropologists and sociologists, the understanding of culture has become an area of significant interest in the corporate world.

Does Conflict Improve Decision-Making?

Does a collaborative environment require team interactions to be harmonious? Can good decisions even be made in an environment where everyone is supportive, in agreement and non-confrontational? Conversely, does friction and disagreement improve decision-making or hinder it?

Fear Freezes the Free Mind Factor: Finding the Path to a Culture of Helping

What does the free mind factor bring to work? Quite simply, everything.

However, it thrives only in certain situations or environments—typically characterized by creativity, innovation, collaboration, originality, and lots of new cool ideas; you get the idea. All of these words relate to the ability and willingness to make new things happen that have and bring value.

Empathy 101: Why are Soft-Skills so Hard?

While neuroscience has had ripple effects across various fields of endeavour, one thing that has united them all is that we human beings are “wired to be social and empathetic.” Indeed, it is said that the brain is a social organ. If that is so, why are there managers, leaders and even some HR professionals who find it difficult to consistently access these traits—to provide a genuine and empathetic response—when it’s most needed at work? The answer to this arises from a complex set of factors for which neuroscience offers further explanation.

The Real ROI of Informal and Social Learning

Social or informal learning at a very basic level is learning through social connections and/or shared learning experiences through social media. For example, we may learn by listening to a podcast, a conversation during dinner with friends, receiving an email, reading a LinkedIn post, watching a live notification video on Facebook, debriefing a team project or receiving feedback from your Leader; the list goes on.

HRMA Grants Accreditation to Okanagan College

The Human Resources Management Association (HRMA) recently recognized Okanagan College as an accredited institution. This accreditation status provides students access to HRMA’s networking, learning, and employment resources. In addition, it allows students the opportunity to meet professional certification requirements of the National Knowledge Exam (NKE) through their coursework. The NKE is the first step in […]

Tomorrow’s Skill Sets Today: Being Future Skills Ready

Planning for the future can be a challenge given the ongoing nature of the changes in play. As a result, while it is difficult to predict exactly what future work will look like, the nature of the shifts we are experiencing puts an emphasis on developing particular skills in the present—many of which are centred on becoming better collaborators and problem solvers. The great news is that gaining these competencies empowers the whole person—granting us the opportunity to use our individual talents and grow in confidence, while better serving our teams and organizations.

Empathy Underrated? Soft Skills Offer Solid Value

In contrast to the ongoing conversation about technological advancement, the topic of empathy is turning up everywhere these days—in best-selling books, in surveys, and perhaps not surprisingly, at conferences exploring the future of the workplace. While an admirable trait, empathy is also being proven a powerful edge, a conduit to deeper understanding, better responsiveness and improved communication between employees, managers and HR professionals.