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Natalie Michael and Brian Conlin: Your CEO Succession Playbook

Redefining succession planning as a business opportunity—not just a leadership challenge—a new book offers an original, definitive perspective on one of the biggest hurdles facing companies.

Succession Transitions: The Politics of Letting Go

During a succession transition the departing executive needs to let go of control and set their successor up for success. Sometimes this goes well and sometimes it does not.

HRMA CEO Anthony Ariganello: Success Breeds Success

As an articulate accountant and accomplished leader with over three decades of business experience, Anthony Ariganello, remains guided by a personal motto that has served well throughout—”Success breeds success.”

Time To Change Your Culture? (Five Key Questions Every Leader Needs Ask)

As an executive coach, I have noticed a recurring theme in my recent coaching sessions: CEO’s want to change their corporate culture.

CEO Simon Evans Says Farewell to BC HRMA

For Simon Evans, CEO of the British Columbia Human Resources Management Association (BC HRMA), the past 10 years have been marked by milestones ranging from the financial to foundational. As a self-schooled graduate of the “university of life”, his impending retirement in June 2014 is not so much a mission cap as a fresh start.

Anthony Ariganello New Chief Executive Officer of BC HRMA

BC-based Human Resources Management Association (HRMA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Anthony Ariganello as the organization’s new chief executive officer effective Monday, June 2nd, 2014.

Is HR Ready for the Big Chair?

Would it be a strategic, forward-thinking utopia – or a backwater that focused on tissues, teabags and time and attendance? An undignified way of describing anybody’s job, you may say, but if the latter is the view taken by any CEO, it doesn’t bode well for an HR director hoping to take the top spot in a business. And the number of CEOs in the FTSE 100 with a career history in HR comes in at a dismal zero