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Report: HR Manager Among Most Underrated Jobs

When it comes to careers, some may seem more attractive than others. But many jobs that are viewed as highly desirable have downsides, and are not as glamorous as they look on paper, according to a new CareerCast report on the most overrated and underrated professions.

HRMA Grants Accreditation to Okanagan College

The Human Resources Management Association (HRMA) recently recognized Okanagan College as an accredited institution. This accreditation status provides students access to HRMA’s networking, learning, and employment resources. In addition, it allows students the opportunity to meet professional certification requirements of the National Knowledge Exam (NKE) through their coursework. The NKE is the first step in […]

Millennial Workers on the Move in 2016: More Than Half Would Like a Career Change

A new poll of working Canadians reveals that workers ages 18 to 34 are looking of make a change in the year ahead—a full 55 per cent would like to change jobs, start a business or return to school this year. A similar sentiment exists in only about 30 per cent of the remaining demographics.

Building Your HR Career

If you are fairly new to your HR career, then it is good to look ahead at options for your future. I find many HR professionals simply look up the HR career path in their organization, or if they are in a small organization, look at the lack of a career path. In reality there are many options for an HR professional.

HRMA and KPU Partnership a First in Western Canada

HRMA and KPU are collaborating to provide HR students with the skills, training, industry networks and learning resources needed to build long and successful careers.

Six Keys to Career Development

The way forward is nowhere near as clear as it once was and, in many ways, the old adage, “the only way is up” simply no longer applies.

Are you Tracking Your Career?

Athletes keep a training log because they want to improve. However, probably very few of us do any kind of career tracking.

Small Business: Clearly Seeing Your Path to Success

When you first start up a business, it’s easy to have clarity. Most of us get busy writing a business plan, forecasting sales and revenue, planning marketing and sales strategies. Once you’ve achieved those initial goals, set up your business and have been working in it for a few years, it’s easy to get more caught up in the day-to-day than in evaluating whether you’re still on track with your original plan.