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BC Budget an Opportunity for HR to Show Their Stuff

The budget that was announced by the BC government on February 21st clearly set out a challenge and this challenge provides considerable opportunities for HR practitioners to show their value.

Conference Insider: Budget Saving Tips

We are thrilled to announce we have managed to keep registration fees the same as last year. Here are some ‘insider tips’ on further savings for your 2012 conference registration.

Federal Budget 2011: A Gradual Shift From Stimulus to Restraint

Federal Budget 2011: A Gradual Shift From Stimulus to Restraint

The March 22, 2011 Budget presented by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty confirms what was widely expected: the federal government is moving from a period of “fiscal stimulus” to an era of restraint that will bring significantly slower spending growth. The government’s minority status and its desire to garner support from another party is evidenced by the fact the Budget is largely a hold steady affair, with small-scale initiatives directed at a wide range of constituencies and interests. The Finance Minister recognizes the fragile state of the global economy and he includes a number of modest measures designed to support economic growth and job creation.

Budget 2009

On January 27, 2009, the federal government tabled their 2009 budget plan to stimulate economic growth, restore confidence and support Canadians and their families during a synchronized global recession. It will also position Canada to emerge from this recession in a stronger position. However, the government stated that the Economic Action Plan is based on three guiding principles-that stimulus should be timely, targeted and temporary.

How to keep your compensation budget during a war for talent

By Doug Fletcher The labour market crunch, long predicted by demographers, is here and will be getting worse. The unemployment rate in the Vancouver for November, 2006 was reported by Statistics Canada as 4.3%, which most economists would say is equivalent to full employment. High demand jobs now include positions in every part of an […]