Refresh Your HR Browsing: Three HR Hotspots

By Les Hudson

One of the blessings of the Internet is that we get to roam around the peripheral areas of HR interest – those subject areas in which we are, as HR professionals, imagined to have some expertise in.

Here are a few of my favourite websites:
One of my personal favourites over the last few years has really provided an extensive expose of the engagement domain. This site offers a full range of opinions, videos, cartoons and articles focusing on engagement and is updated each day. One particular section offers new book reviews and/or interviews each day—these short pieces are an asset to our busy worlds for sure.
Another terrific site I access often is one that is frequently updated and provides a digest of recent decisions from the courts, tribunals and arbitration boards. You can select which aspects of law you want to receive notifications on such as employment issues and Human Rights considerations.
The third site is likely less well known. Its appeal is that it is focusing on the growing demands of accommodation and disability management in the workplace. Did you know there is now a new certification in regards to disability management? The Certified Disability Management Professional is a designation that many in a variety of fields, such as nursing, health and safety, work safe, and HR may be interested in pursuing.

I would love to learn about and explore websites that are worthy of attention from the HR community. Please share your favourite links by commenting below.

Les Hudson is the director of Health, Safety & Disability Management, Public Service Commission with the Yukon Government. He also serves on BC HRMA’s Yukon Advisory Council.

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  1. Anca Sovarosi says:

    Thank you for sharing this information. At first impression, Mondaq seems a resource to nurture a more comprehensive HR perspective from.

    Anca Sovarosi,
    B.Econ., B.Psyc.,
    CPA and BCHRMA member
    Burnaby, British Columbia

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