NFI Research Results: Work/Life Balance

The majority (68%) of senior executives and managers say they feel that the work/life balance of people in business today is unbalanced.  Eleven per cent say that others are extremely unbalanced, while more than half (57%) say they are somewhat unbalanced.

However, when it comes to balancing work and personal life, the majority (58%) of executives and managers believe themselves to be balanced.  Fifteen per cent of business leaders say they are extremely balanced, and almost half (43%) consider themselves somewhat balanced.

More people in large companies (78%) than small (63%) say they feel most people in business are unbalanced when it comes to balancing with personal life.

There were no significant differences exist among senior executives and managers.

Detailed Results:

When it comes to balancing work with personal/home/family life, I feel that most people in business today are:

Extremely balanced        2.2%  
Somewhat balanced        29.6%  
Somewhat unbalanced         57.0%
Extremely unbalanced         11.1%

When it comes to balancing work with personal/home/family life, I feel I am:

Extremely balanced       14.8%         
Somewhat balanced        43.0%    
Somewhat unbalanced         33.3%
Extremely unbalanced         8.9%  

Select responses from NFI Research members:

– “I believe most people are putting in more hours today than pre-recession. More effort is being given to protecting business, finding business and developing business.”

– “Most everyone I talk to feels work /time pressure and has difficulty in devoting the time they would like to family and home life.”

– “As a CEO, I could easily work 80 hours/week.  But my goal is 45 or less.  I coach youth sports as a way to force balance.  But the challenge sometimes is being present for my family and not thinking about the business.”

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