CPHR Launches New Designation and Brand Across Canada

The Chartered Professional in Human Resources of Canada officially unveiled the new CPHR brand today, representing 27,000 CPHRs in the nine CPHR member provinces and three territories across Canada.

“We see this as another great stride in our shared mission to advance the HR profession here in British Columbia, across Canada and internationally,” says Anthony Ariganello, CPHR President
& CEO, HRMA, the Human Resources Management Association. “HRMA and our colleagues across Canada have established a clear, strong and consistent CPHR designation and have positioned it for the future within CPHR Canada. These changes reflect the fact that HR professionals today are impactful, high-value, trustworthy business leaders with unique expertise in delivering on business outcomes while supporting the success of individuals.”

The profession in Canada is now officially represented nationally and internationally by Chartered Professionals in Human Resources Canada (CPHR/CRHA Canada). Across the Country, the registration and maintenance of designations remain the focus and responsibility of the provincial member associations, such as HRMA.

CPHR Canada is strengthening their reputation as leaders and economic drivers across Canada and representing Canada’s HR profession with Member Associations around the world. Together, CPHR Canada recently established consistent minimum requirements for certification, and a national Code of Conduct; each of the provincial associations is moving forward together toward self-regulation, and they are accrediting Post-Secondary Education programs across the country that align with CPHR educational requirements.

CPHR Canada includes HR professionals in all Canada’s provinces and territories except Ontario.

For a full look at the brand and its development, visit cphr.ca. Also, take a moment to tour the newly designed CPHR Canada site.

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  1. Ian Gibson says:

    Today a new national – welcome Quebec… c’mon Ontario… designation arrives. Tomorrow self regulation for all provinces. Great moves. Thanks Tony!

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