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Help Your Burned Out Employee

If you recognized the signs of burnout in one of your employees, you are in the right place. Here’s what you can do to help an employee experiencing burnout at work.

Resolving Internal Conflicts with Mindfulness

Mindfulness is offered as a way to ‘be present and non-judgmental’. Mindfulness is pretty much a household term these days. It can help us improve our mental well-being. In this article, I would like to go beyond the typical explanation of how mindfulness can become part of your daily life.

Recognizing Employee Burnout

Do you know the signs of burnout for your employees?

Case Study: Supporting Employees with Addiction

This case study examines how BC Hydro revamped their Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Program which includes supporting employees through cost-sharing of the program, and implementing back-to-work supports to ensure a successful transition back into the workforce upon return from the program.

Mindfulness @ Work

Any discussion of mindfulness must begin by considering both workplace wellness and the well-being of our society as a whole.

Do You Need to Close Your Eyes During Meditation?

Meditation is a wonderful practice to have in your life, and many HR professionals and workplaces are discovering its wonderful benefits. But have you ever wondered if you must close your eyes to meditate?

Overwhelmed? Tips to Help You Cope

Life feels so fast and busy. How well do you cope?

Shift Into Winter: Driving for Work

For those who drive for work, October, November and December are the most dangerous months. Resources are available for employers and supervisors planning, implementing and monitoring a winter driving safety program.