Category: Workplace Wellness

Overwhelmed? Tips to Help You Cope

Life feels so fast and busy. How well do you cope?

Shift Into Winter: Driving for Work

For those who drive for work, October, November and December are the most dangerous months. Resources are available for employers and supervisors planning, implementing and monitoring a winter driving safety program.

Mindfulness: A Calming Breathing Technique

Did you know that voluntary, slow deep breathing changes your physiology in just a few minutes? Breathing slowly and rhythmically can decrease your blood pressure and heart rate and calm you when you feel stressed or anxious.

The Mindset of Work/Life Balance?

There is a lot of talk today about HR’s strategic goal to provide a more balanced work/life environment for employees. Why has that become so important in today’s work place? Are the days of expecting the job to come first really over?

Feeling Stressed and Overworked? Survey Reveals You Are Not Alone

A recent survey from Monster Canada found that one-in-four working Canadians has left a job due to stress and 17 per cent have considered it. Overall, six-in-ten (58 per cent) of working Canadians say that they are overworked.

One Mindful Question to Change Your Entire Day

Your thoughts affect your emotions, and your emotions have a big impact on your experience of daily life. So what if you paid more attention to your thoughts? This not only gives you self-awareness of your thoughts, but allows you to decide what you’re going to do about the thought—if anything at all.

Poll Finds Mixed Expectations About Working While on Vacation

Three-quarters of workers feel they must pack laptops with flip-flops—even when companies encourage work-free time off.

Workplace Tragedy: Report Recommendations for Employer Response

No one wants a work-related tragedy to happen. But if the worst does happen, the way the employer responds can make a significant difference to the family of an injured or deceased worker.