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Boost Your Brain: The Brain Science Secrets of Motivation, Productivity & Peak Performance

Dr. Brynn Winegard has been dubbed a ‘business-brain’ expert by media. This Q&A explores her work with brain science and touches on what you can expect from her keynote presentation in May.

Natalie Michael and Brian Conlin: Your CEO Succession Playbook

Redefining succession planning as a business opportunity—not just a leadership challenge—a new book offers an original, definitive perspective on one of the biggest hurdles facing companies.

Margaret Heffernan: Getting the Best From Everyone

CEO and business thinker Margaret Heffernan challenges the most common business practices that make us feel comfortable—and she is coming to the HR Conference + Tradeshow on May 2, 2017 to explore “The One Firm Firm: How to Get the Best From Everyone.”

Sara Sutton Fell: Remote Workplace Futures Today

Sara Sutton Fell, a future of work expert, shares her insights into remote work, the future of work and the online job marketplace.

NKE Top Scorer Amber Chow: Taking Study Tips, High Tech and HR to Heart

As Canada’s Top Scorer for the National Knowledge Exam during the November 2016 exam session, Amber Chow is one step closer to becoming a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP). She can also add another accomplishment to a growing career in HR that takes heart in the high technology sector.

Dylan Roguski: Taking Notes with Canada’s Top NKE Scorer

Dylan Roguski achieved the highest score across Canada on the National Knowledge Exam session in June 2015. Here, he talks study prep and the future of HR.

Debbie Bortolussi: Startup HR and Traits of Great Employers

Debbie Bortolussi, a senior HR professional, shares her insights on startups and the traits of great employers.

Canada’s Top NKE Scorer Talks Study Prep and HR Purpose

Britney MacInnis achieved the highest score across Canada on the National Knowledge Exam session in June 2014. She talks study prep and HR purpose.