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What’s on the Minds of BC’s HR Leaders?

HRMA partnered with Canada’s Public Policy Forum to gauge the condition of BC’s human capital stock.

Informed View: Is Canada Due for Pension Reform?

Incited by provincial and national debate over recent years, pension reform is clearly on the minds of Canadians. However, policy setters have long recognized that while there is room for improvement, the system’s outlook may not be as bleak as we sometimes construe.

Research Briefing: Generational Differences in the Workplace

HRMA’s latest Research Briefing explores generational differences in the workplace.

Research Briefing: Identifying and Breaking the Cycle of Discrimination

Recent research explores how racial bullying affects minorities’ proneness to reporting further racial discrimination.

Research Briefing: The Roles of Human Resources in Organizational Crisis Management

By integrating a crisis management model with an HR competency model, the following Research Briefing offers a systematic framework for HR professionals to build their organization’s responsiveness to unforeseen challenges.

Research Briefing: Work/Life (Im)balance

Does family life affect performance at work? HRMA’s latest Research Briefing discusses possible negative and positive effects as well as give suggestions for how employees and employers can prevent demanding aspects of family life from interfering with work.

HR Trends Survey 2014: Key Results

After more than five years of BC HRMA’s annual HR Trends Survey, it is clear many of the ‘trends’ appear to be constants and the challenges that continue to face business leaders are being exacerbated by more complex working environments and ever-tightening budgets.

Research Briefing: Embedding Coaching Skills in the Workplace

There are eight key organizational factors that increase the likelihood of embedding coaching skills in the workplace. These eight factors, when implemented with structure and rigor, are vital for any organization priding itself on developing its employees.