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The Global Generation Are Here

The iGen, Generation Z, Globals; this generation ranges in age from 7-21 years of age. And they are massive in numbers at around 84 million in the US. Their productivity and work ethic is great, once you get to know them.

Learning from Mistakes: The Future of Recruiting in a Digital World

In a digital world where you can have any piece of information available to you at the swipe of your finger; we need to focus on using technology to help us create more intimate relationships with our candidates – not divide us further.

Hire with Emotional Intelligence

Often times hiring managers try to figure out an ultimate formula for an ideal candidate’s personality traits. It is a particularly tricky task considering that each position puts an employee through very unique experiences and, as a result, requires a specific set of attitudes, interpersonal habits, and stress-coping mechanisms to become successful in the job. The secret is that a formula like that doesn’t even need to be invented, as it already exists within one key factor: emotional intelligence.

Case Study: SAP’s Autism at Work Program Provides Meaningful Employment for People on the Autism Spectrum

SAP is a multinational software company whose research and development locations (SAP Labs), employ over 2,500 people throughout Canada. Finding candidates with the right technical skills and competencies to serve this competitive market is no easy task. One of the ways that SAP has met this challenge is by hiring individuals who are neurodiverse* through their Autism at Work program.

Dare We Include Realistic Advice in Onboarding?

Onboarding is usually an upbeat process. However, the truth is that bad things happen in any organization and the question is whether we should warn employees about them.

Exiting Employees: How HR can Minimize the Impact

The entire process of an employee exit needs to be handled strategically and in good faith to avoid some preventable but damaging pitfalls.

How to Create a Positive Work Environment

A positive work environment has become a necessity in order for businesses be able to attract the best talent, and to retain that talent, lower absenteeism, boost employee morale and increase productivity. But how can companies go about creating a positive environment for their employees?

Tools for Business Leaders Looking to Create Accessible, Inclusive Workplaces

If you are an employer who wants to champion a more accessible, inclusive workplace, the Presidents Group — and — is here to help with next steps.