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Diversity and Chemical Conversations

What chemicals are your conversations producing? And how is impacting diversity in your workplace?

Of Google, Groupthink and the Culture of Decision-Making

What can the recent controversies at Google, Facebook and Uber teach us about cultural limits to decision-making in our company and community?

Do You Want to Remain Professionally Relevant in the Digital World?

Business life cycles have become increasingly susceptible to ‘disruptive’ technologies and seemingly secure careers are wavering under the ‘relevancy’ scrutiny. The key for astute professionals is a positive mindset with its ability to envision novel ways of adjusting to the dynamic demands of the digital world.

How Trustworthy Are You?

Charles Green, CEO of Trusted Advisors, has been studying trust and how to build it in organizations since 1997. Want to improve your trustworthiness? Here a some of Green’s best tips

Survey: ‘Hello, I’m Out Of The Office … But Checking Email’

Are vacations where people completely disconnect from the office a thing of the past? Research shows “workations” may be more common for professionals today.

Attention Manager: Become a Better Listener

Within the human resources profession, managers are placed in a unique position in that they serve as a bridge between the organization they work for and its employees. In order to be successful, HR managers and reps must be excellent communicators.

How to Derive Insights from HR Data

In a previous article I discussed how to get clean data for HR reporting. Now let’s move on to the next problem: deriving clear insights from the data.

Improve Your Diversity Intelligence: Eliminate Your Blind Spots

By aligning diversity intelligence (DI) with leadership strategies and communication practices to ensure a truly collaborative, inclusive and engaging work environment, we can inspire high-performance teams and improve organizational and project success. DI, like other skills, is a competency that requires learning and constant improvement. As the dynamics of our diverse workplaces change, so must we.