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How to Be Happy at Work

How to Be Happy at Work by author Annie McKee serves up great ‘how-to’ recipe for anyone determined to spend the majority of their working hours without being consumed by stress, drudgery, frustration or by working in a no-end job.

The Perfect Time to Get Creative is Now

According to David Usher, HR Conference + Tradeshow 2018 keynote speaker, the reality of the creative life is that there is never enough time and space, and conditions are never perfect.

Guiding Change – Does HR Add Value?

What Human Resources professional isn’t involved with change? HR work lies at the critical intersection of business and people – and that intersection is a very turbulent place these days. Building competency with guiding change is crucial for HR professionals.

‘SUBLIME’ Approach to Organizational Transformation in the Digital World

When viewed through the digital lens by an emboldened customer willing to switch brand loyalties for ‘peace of mind’ via the positive benefits of technological innovation, the business world can seem woefully small—and vulnerable. This perception is both accurate and driven by a a steady shift towards extremities in terms of reacting to the presence or absence of ‘delight’ factors in products and services. This, in turn, fuels the need for previously secure and reputed companies to rethink their previously competitive strategies. The following ‘SUBLIME’ approach is presented as a guide for leading such a transformation.

Case Study: Conducting a Physical Workplace Assessment to Plan for the Future

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority and BCLC have a commitment to diversity and inclusion. As part of this commitment, both workplaces initiated physical accessibility audits in their respective workplaces. These audits allowed them to see where there were areas of opportunity to be more physically accessible for their employees and clients.

Three Pitfalls for Expanding Gender Demographics on Employee Engagement Surveys

Recent societal and legal shifts have brought transgender issues to the forefront for companies in their diversity and inclusion efforts. One issue that has surfaced as an important one is the the gender demographic question on employee engagement surveys with only two responses of “female” and “male.”

Make #MeToo History: Prevent Sexual Harassment In Your Organization

Sexual harassment is one of the biggest issues facing North American employers as we begin 2018 and employers are taking note of the current climate and they are preparing.

Change Management? Think ‘Loss’ Management

Why do people resist change? The key is understanding what people are actually resisting in these situations. Surprisingly, it’s not change. It’s loss.