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Can You Teach Business Savvy?

The universal complaint about HR is that it is not sufficiently business savvy. Is this something we can fix through training and development or are we stuck? If we teach people to read financial statements will that help?

Integrated Reporting and Human Capital: Next Steps for the Private and Public Sectors in BC

HRMA’s latest whitepaper explores reporting that integrates financial and non-financial data—such as human capital data—to show how the organization creates value for various stakeholders.

Contribute to Global Study on Talent Management

In partnership with the World Federation for People Management Associations (WFPMA), we invite you, our members, to be part of the largest global study on talent management focusing on smaller organizations (compared to larger ones)—the cornerstone and source of innovation in all economies worldwide. Talent management is key to the performance of any-size organization, but […]

Will Future Labour Shortages Imperil the BC Economy?

The critical role of human capital in today’s economy, the fact that many employers continue to report difficulties finding qualified personnel, and demographic forecasts pointing to a steadily aging population and slower labour force growth all raise questions about the future supply of skills.

3 Things About HR that Every Financial Executive Needs to Know

At most larger companies, it’s a safe assumption that corporate leadership tends to understand the basic tenets of human capital management – how to recruit top talent, how to keep people engaged and motivated and how to take care of business where payroll, benefits and wellness are concerned. But all of that, while vitally important in its own right, is just the tip of the iceberg. Past the HR basics, employers need to explore the outer reaches of the C-suite and look at how their human capital affects other aspects of their business.

A Different Angle on Making HR Strategic

How aware are you of what drives profit in your industry and how it is changing? Understanding the forces that drive an industry are essential to being a strategic HR leader.

Age Related Barriers Toughest on Youth: Impact Widespread

The difficulties being felt in the job market are proving particularly painful for young adults.

Implications of Canada’s Aging Population for the Workforce

The Department of Finance of Canada recently released a report on the implications of the nation’s aging population and its effect on Canada’s economy, as well as the overall climate for employment.