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Infographic: Time is Money

This infographic, featuring stats from the UK, examines the cost of wasted time. Is it the same in your Canadian office?

Focus: A Timeless Secret of Influential Leaders

To perform at the highest level, I believe it helps if you can learn what the majority of the influential leaders do, and do likewise.

5 Tips for Learning to Work with a New Boss

Feeling overwhelmed with the arrival of a new boss? Mastering these five tasks will make you feel better.

Start Liking the Job You Hate

5:30 am. Your alarm goes off. Snooze. 5:40 am. Snooze. 5:50 am. Snooze… Is it winter that makes it so difficult to wake up in the morning? Or is it the lack of motivation for the job that you have to get up for?

What is Success?

We hear the word success thrown around every day. Lists of people who have achieved success are just as wide-spread. What I find interesting is that when you ask people what success means to them, everyone has a different (or at least slightly different) answer.

Organizational Storytelling: The Swiss Army Knife in Your Leadership Toolkit

Like a Swiss Army knife, organizational storytelling has numerous, powerful uses. CEOs attend multiple-day seminars to learn how to do this well because storytelling is an effective way to communicate a strategic vision, to discuss (and change) culture or to illustrate the ethics that exist (or need to exist) within your organization.

Survey: Health and Wellness… and the Office Candy Jar

A recent survey provides some insight into employee health and wellness program, plus how employees really feel about the office candy jar.

Infographic: How to Manage Stress at Work

This infographic details healthy ways to manage your stress at work so you’ll not only be more productive, but also happier overall.