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The Art and Impact of Influence

Leadership is very much an art form and its skills include the art of influencing others. Since there is definitely a creative element to affecting human behaviour, influencing is much more an art than a science. And while there is a science to be gleaned from great leaders, the plethora of words which surround them are uniquely emotive: committed, focus, belief, courage, understanding, action-oriented, adaptability, experience, passion, trust, vision, and resolve. All of this is integral to influence.

Fear Freezes the Free Mind Factor: Finding the Path to a Culture of Helping

What does the free mind factor bring to work? Quite simply, everything.

However, it thrives only in certain situations or environments—typically characterized by creativity, innovation, collaboration, originality, and lots of new cool ideas; you get the idea. All of these words relate to the ability and willingness to make new things happen that have and bring value.

Empathy Underrated? Soft Skills Offer Solid Value

In contrast to the ongoing conversation about technological advancement, the topic of empathy is turning up everywhere these days—in best-selling books, in surveys, and perhaps not surprisingly, at conferences exploring the future of the workplace. While an admirable trait, empathy is also being proven a powerful edge, a conduit to deeper understanding, better responsiveness and improved communication between employees, managers and HR professionals.

Motivation vs. Management: Leading in the Mobile Era

Traditional leadership training—even really good, progressive, science-based leadership training—is not addressing the global skills gap that organizations are experiencing when their managers are faced with managing remote teams. Whether you have direct reports that live nearby but work 90 per cent from home or employees based in regions nation or worldwide, managing remotely relies much more on written communication than face-to-face interaction, a fact that many managers struggle with.

Are You Globally Mobile? The Realities of Bringing Talent from Abroad

One of the biggest challenges when dealing with international talent is thinking there is one silver bullet or golden solution for all parties involved. The simple truth is that the due diligence of employers, and the scope of that diligence, is the real caveat for successfully tapping the global potential.

In Tough Conversations, Seek to Complete not Compete

Difficult conversations are necessary—at least if you want people to correct mistakes, learn, and grow. But they can be less difficult if you just remember one critical rule: You’re trying to help, not win.

HR Ambassadors Wanted: Creating Agents of Change

Attracting and retaining talent continues to be a challenge for employers due to the competitive job market, flat compensation budgets, shortages in critical skillsets and a constantly changing business environment. In other words, the life of the HR professional is not about to get any easier—unless we look within.

Conversational Intelligence: On the Thresholds of the Discomfort Zone

We like to believe we have control of our emotions 100 per cent of the time, but this is rarely the case. Do you remember the last time someone on your team seemed to be hijacked by their amygdala?

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