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Motivation vs. Management: Leading in the Mobile Era

Traditional leadership training—even really good, progressive, science-based leadership training—is not addressing the global skills gap that organizations are experiencing when their managers are faced with managing remote teams. Whether you have direct reports that live nearby but work 90 per cent from home or employees based in regions nation or worldwide, managing remotely relies much more on written communication than face-to-face interaction, a fact that many managers struggle with.

Social Media Goes to Work (For or Against You?)

What value do organizations truly receive from having a presence on social media?

Succession Squads: An Innovative Approach for Developing High-Potential Talent

Natalie Michael, a speaker at HRMA’s 2016 Conference + Tradeshow, explains the latest tool in her toolbox: succession squads.

The Politics of HR

At its most basic level, politics is about people, power and the ability to influence events. It’s something human resources professionals have given considerable thought to over the years, articulating it in recent decades as “getting a seat at the table” or being recognized within organizations as an integral part of the leadership team.

The Origins of Accreditation: The Impact of the CHRP

Today, the role of HR professionals is changing rapidly. A recent study by The Economist revealed that 70 per cent of the CEO’s surveyed wanted their Chief HR Officer to take on an increasingly strategic role and to actively participate at the leadership table. In response to this changing landscape, the CHRP designation has transformed to reflect the shift in skills required for HR professionals to be effective in their roles.

CCHRA Releases CHRP Competency Framework

The Canadian Council of Human Resources Associations (CCHRA) recently released its 2014 CHRP Competency Framework, providing employers and the public with a realistic and detailed outline of the skills, knowledge and professional conduct they can expect from an individual with the professional designation of CHRP

A Different Angle on Making HR Strategic

How aware are you of what drives profit in your industry and how it is changing? Understanding the forces that drive an industry are essential to being a strategic HR leader.

HR Urged to Focus on Strategy and Finance Skills

The 2013 Practice Analysis Study for the Human Resources Profession confirmed the need for a strategic outlook and financial acumen skills among HR professionals across Canada. These additional skills are highly valued by organizations, as well as expertise in the legal requirements pertaining to human resources policies and practices.

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