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When HR Meets PR

A couple of weeks back, a woman in Winnipeg went public with a story about her job application with a local food delivery company. It turned into a PR nightmare. How would you have handled the situation?

The Real ROI of Informal and Social Learning

Social or informal learning at a very basic level is learning through social connections and/or shared learning experiences through social media. For example, we may learn by listening to a podcast, a conversation during dinner with friends, receiving an email, reading a LinkedIn post, watching a live notification video on Facebook, debriefing a team project or receiving feedback from your Leader; the list goes on.

Just How Private is an Employee’s Text Messaging?

Information and evidence obtained from social media or electronic communications is playing an increasingly important role in the workplace, but employers must be conscious of employee privacy rights. As a result, the Ontario Court of Appeal’s recent decision regarding whether there is a reasonable expectation of privacy in sent text messages is of particular interest to employers.

Motivation vs. Management: Leading in the Mobile Era

Traditional leadership training—even really good, progressive, science-based leadership training—is not addressing the global skills gap that organizations are experiencing when their managers are faced with managing remote teams. Whether you have direct reports that live nearby but work 90 per cent from home or employees based in regions nation or worldwide, managing remotely relies much more on written communication than face-to-face interaction, a fact that many managers struggle with.

Social Media Goes to Work (For or Against You?)

What value do organizations truly receive from having a presence on social media?

Five Technologies That Serve HR and the Workplace Well

Increasingly, the delivery, support and management of HR all depend on technology, and the landscape is ever changing and being positively disrupted. With that in mind, let’s look at five technologies that have changed the way HR goes to work most effectively.

Infographic: Find Your Next Job with LinkedIn

Are you on a job hunt? This infographic provides up-to-date information about using LinkedIn to job search.

Infographic: The State of Workplace Distractions

Although referencing American statistics, this infographic provides insight into how employees spend their time at work.

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