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Building the HR Business Case: Communicating the ROI of Coaching Culture

Over the past decade or more, there’s been a world-wide revolution as organizations large and small have taken a stand for coaching as a vital HR strategy and business driver.

Infographic: How to Promote a Positive Company Culture

This infographic details how a positive culture can help recruit and retain employees, promote productivity, and keep your business competitive.

Empathy 101: Why are Soft-Skills so Hard?

While neuroscience has had ripple effects across various fields of endeavour, one thing that has united them all is that we human beings are “wired to be social and empathetic.” Indeed, it is said that the brain is a social organ. If that is so, why are there managers, leaders and even some HR professionals who find it difficult to consistently access these traits—to provide a genuine and empathetic response—when it’s most needed at work? The answer to this arises from a complex set of factors for which neuroscience offers further explanation.

Coming (and Going) Careers in the Second Machine Age?

The world of work is being transformed as we enter a new phase of the “age of the machine.” With disruptive technologies pushing the frontiers of automation, some of the comparative advantages humans have traditionally enjoyed relative to technology are eroding.

Survey: Only 7% of Workers Most Productive in the Office

Fewer interruptions from colleagues and fewer distractions make home the preferred place for maximum productivity.

Great Reads to Lead The Way in Learning

Reading remains the most available, affordable and practical way to develop ourselves and our interactions with others. Here are two books that have a great deal to teach us about learning, mindfulness, professional development, leadership, and coaching in organizations.

The Economics of Ergonomics: A History of Working Success

Are your employees working as effectively as they could be or are you unknowingly squandering productivity dollars? Do you have a problem with recruitment and retention of employees? Are some employees being injured at work? Is your company wasting thousands of dollars a year without you realizing it? Many companies are unaware of the invisible and insidious effects of ignoring workplace ergonomics. So what is ergonomics and how can it help your bottom line?

Infographic: 19 Science-backed Productivity Hacks

This infographic explores scientifically proven hacks to increase productivity.

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