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‘Numbers People’ and ‘People People’

There is a huge movement towards HR analytics and that is a good thing. However there is a risk that this will create a culture war within HR with the “numbers people” squaring off against the “people people”. That war won’t be good for anyone.

The Unbearable Vagueness of HR Analytics

HR is undergoing something of a revolution with the influx of analytics people. It’s true that compensation has always been steeped in numbers, but in general HR has been staffed by “people” people; and in some cases by people who explicitly chose the profession because they didn’t like math.

Know Your Workforce to Better Drive Your Business

Given their importance to business outcomes, it would be expected that HR leaders would have a clear understanding of the ongoing ebbs and flows of their workforce. However, research shows that few organizations have a good grasp of their workforce dynamics.

Re-imagining Performance Management

Performance management systems are not just about motivating, developing and rewarding employees. They need to fit into the overall talent management system, and are a key part of an employee’s life cycle within an organization.

Rethinking Recruitment: Redefining the Candidate Experience

How candidates perceive your organization impacts who you attract, who you can hire, and how engaged they are when they serve your customers. Guess what? If your candidate experience is amazing, you’ll be able to deliver amazing candidates who are engaged and once hired, will be “wowing” your customers. The candidate experience is the foundation to a healthy, profitable bottom line.

The Quantified Organization: It’s Time For People Operations to Join the Data Revolution

In today’s high-velocity world, having timely information at your fingertips can make all the difference between staying ahead of the competition and going out of business. The modern organization changed. We are faced with a new economic reality where many skill sets are becoming obsolete and software is eating the world.

3 Things About HR that Every Financial Executive Needs to Know

At most larger companies, it’s a safe assumption that corporate leadership tends to understand the basic tenets of human capital management – how to recruit top talent, how to keep people engaged and motivated and how to take care of business where payroll, benefits and wellness are concerned. But all of that, while vitally important in its own right, is just the tip of the iceberg. Past the HR basics, employers need to explore the outer reaches of the C-suite and look at how their human capital affects other aspects of their business.

Evidence-Based Decision-Making: Big Data and the Human Touch

Big data is a term increasingly being used to capture the emerging industry practice of analyzing multiple databases to help business leaders make decisions and become better future forecasters. The challenge for the HR leader is to wade through the noise to find the signal.

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